I am so excited that you have landed here to take a peek at my photographic art. Photography is my passion, where I go, my camera goes. Where my camera goes, I create art. Scroll down to see the collection.

The Butterfly Collection

There is a butterfly house near a place my family and I enjoy our holidays. My husband and I have spent many holidays there, before we were married and in recent time with out two children. My finance proposed to me just around the corner from the lovely place. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the butterflies and I go to see them every single time we visit the village. I love how the butterflies change and the flora changes in different seasons, and how the behaviour of the butterflies changes throughout the seasons. This collection is made up of just a few of my favourite images of the beautiful insects.

The Kitchen Collection

This collection is named after the room in the house where I display some if these images. These are a collection of quirky ideas with simple execution and contrasting colours. This is collection I hope to add to over the coming years, so watch this space for more additions.

The Floral Collection

These images are how I imaged a canvas would look in a bedroom or a dining room. Flowers are beautiful and full of colour and uniqueness. But they die. A canvas or painting of a flower will brighten up a room forever. I have the red rose on a 42″ canvas in my own dining room.

The Nature Collection

I love these images because they were taken within my back garden or on holidays. Except the flamingos, which were taken on a trip to the zoo. I struggle to get out with my camera due to a chronic pain and fatigue condition and these represent nature close to home.