Wall Artistry was founded in 2017 by highly acclaimed and multi award winning photographer and master craftsman Sian Shipley. Sian’s favourite pieces of wall art are available to buy as a mounted print, framed print or canvas.

The Artist

Welcome to Wall Artistry. I’m Sian Shipley, a multi award winning photographic artist and proud holder of Master Craftsman status with The Guild of Photographers. I’m a St Albans based mum of two young boys, Jake and Ethan, and like many female photographers it was becoming a mum that started my photographic journey. My first camera was a gift from my husband when I was expecting Jake and it transformed my life. I’d always felt a need to be creative but hadn’t found a creative outlet that I was good at. I’d always been employed in roles that were technical or mathematical but never truly felt settled. Discovering photography was like finding a part of myself that had been missing and I threw myself headfirst into learning, improving and perfecting my photography skills. Today I am proud to be able to describe myself as a successful professional portrait photographer and a talented photographic artist.

The Inspiration

I love to spend time outdoors so it’s no great surprise that my photographic art is almost always inspired by nature. I’m constantly pushing my technical and creative skills to create beautiful fine art photographs that celebrate the often overlooked beauty of the nature that surrounds us. My photographs are rarely planned, I like to walk with my camera and seek opportunities to create my signature style of photographic art. Once I’ve found a location with great light I’m happy to patiently wait for a butterfly to land in the right position. Through my photography I highlight the delicate, colourful and intricate beauty of butterfly wings, I study the shape and form of ordinary flowers and create artistic interpretations of them, I photograph common birds and animals and present them in my own unique style. With the basics of photography mastered I was keen to develop my skills further and begin to create images that were artistic, skillfully taken and well crafted. I joined the Guild of Photographers and very quickly began to win highly coveted silver and gold awards in their competitions. After submitting two sets of work to be reviewed by their qualification panel, one in portraiture and one in nature, I was proud to be awarded Qualified Status for both sets of work.

The Craftsman

Focusing on my passion for nature photography I worked to enhance my skills and elevate my images beyond photographs to become artistic interpretations of my own view of the world around us. In May 2017 I presented a collection of my fine art nature photography to a panel of highly acclaimed photographic judges and was overjoyed to be awarded the status of “Craftsman of The Guild of Professional Photographers”. “Our ‘Craftsman’ status is, as one would imagine, aligned to the exacting standards of a true guild ‘Craftsman’. Therefore to attain this level we add an increasing level of professional critique to evaluate our members work. In other words we get increasingly ‘fussy’ and look in minutiae at all the elements of photographic understanding. Those that achieve this accolade have demonstrated the finest technical skills and an exceptional creative and artistic ‘eye’.”  From The Guild of Photographers Handbook.


The Master Craftsman

Pushing my boundaries a little further, I presented a panel of butterflies in February 2018 and was presented with “Master Craftsman of The guild of Photographers”. This is the highest qualification awarded by the Guild of Photographers.

Finally, in the same way as when a ‘Craftsman’ was granted the highest accolade of ‘Master Craftsman’ having created something truly exceptional (their ‘masterpiece’), a ‘Craftsman’ within the Guild of Photographers can only achieve the acknowledgement of being a ‘Master Craftsman’ by producing their own photographic masterpiece.”


The Boutique

The boutique is made up of my favorite images, which have all received awards from the Guild of Photographers. It is with pleasure that I present the Butterfly, Floral, Nature and Kitchen Collections. I have many of these images displayed on my own walls and these masterpieces would be fine additions to any home.

I continuously create new pieces of photographic art and the new site will be updated when these images become available.